Graphic Design - On Demand

Graphic Design On Demand outsources your graphic design work to the Strobe Creative team. Send us an email with a description of the project with all necessary information/imaging and your request will be fulfilled within 3 Business Days. Graphic design can include: social media banners/profile pictures, marketing/promotional materials, flyers, menus and event posters.  

  • Fast Delivery (24 Hours) $69/project

  • Express Delivery (48 Hours) $54/project

  • Standard Delivery (3 Days) $39/project

Starting at $39

Logo Design

Strobe Creative's Logo Design transforms your corporate image with a modernized word-mark logo. 


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EW Radio
Altes Muenchen Haus
The Great Dame
Kitchener-Waterloo SC Parade
EDM Weekly (2016)
KW SC Parade Route 2016
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