• Garrett Gaudet

FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen

As a family, what made you decide to open a coffee business? 

When it came time to decide on what we wanted to invest our time and money into, we thought of coffee because it is a recession proof product being that even if the minimum wage of work per hour in a city was $10, people would still gladly buy a specialty cup of coffee for $6 and not complain if it was prepared correctly.

What was your inspiration for starting FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen? 

After having our son, Chase Christo was born a few years ago, we knew that operating our own business would be the only way we would have time for one another. Starting a business was something we often talked about but when our son, Chase Christo came into the picture we knew that it was time to decide on what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives.

What makes you so passionate about coffee?

Coffee has been drank as a beverage prior to the early 15th century making it one of the oldest drinks.  It has so much history behind it and is something that we can talk about for hours, depending on how much you can tolerate hearing LOL And with the infinite recipes and many ways to drink your coffee, it is a topic that is endless and exciting to talk about each and every time. It’s the pleasure of the aroma and taste, the feeling of warmth and fulfillment of starting our day. It’s our love story with a happy ending.

Where does the best coffee originate from?

The coffee plant, specifically the Arabica strain originated from the highlands of Ethiopia.  Throughout history it has been spread all over the globe and has flourished.  Arabica coffee is what cafes use to make your favourite specialty coffee.

What is the Surrey/Vancouver coffee culture like?

The coffee culture in Vancouver is growing and flourishing with many coffee roasters and specialty cafes in our cities.  Most cafes and coffee service provides a high quality of roasted beans and have them blended to ensure each cup is satisfying. There definitely isn't a shortage of a good cup of specialty coffee in Vancouver.  You will never have any trouble finding a good cup of coffee while you are in Vancouver.

Describe the best cup of coffee that you’ve ever had?

We have done and are currently doing the occasional coffee tastings. We have the capability of smelling the coffee’s aroma, quality taste and slurping the taste on our taste buds before deciding on which origin of coffee bean we are going to purchase next, so we have had the privilege of tasting some really interesting coffees.  We are currently showcasing coffee from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica at the moment.  We fell in love with this coffee with the undertones of the cocoa caramel undertones and wanted to share it with the rest of our family, friends, and Vancouver.  But the best cup of coffee was at a 5 star resort we stayed at in Dominican Republic. There was a café on the beach which had a great coffee vibe inside with soft music playing in the background. The staff were knowledgeable of the kinds of coffee beans they serve. I remember holding the cup to my nose and taking the time of smelling the aroma, taking a sip of it while hearing the waves from the beach. It was amazing, relaxing, and an unforgettable time.

How do conventional office coffee machines compare to FUEL’s products?

This is a question we love answering as it is what makes us stand out from many of the office coffee machines in the majority of the office settings in the Lower Mainland of the Greater Vancouver Area.  There are many bean to cup machines that are being marketed to make Espresso "STYLE" beverages called French Press coffee machines while our newest dispensing systems are actual "Espresso" machines that dispense espresso based beverages such as cappuccinos and lattes.  The beverages our machines dispense a fresh grounded cup every time and provide an amazing quality that you would normally have from a specialty cafe.  Our machines are made in Italy. We also offer Swiss hot chocolate, French vanilla and decaf coffee. We can also use our machines for festivals, farmers markets, wedding receptions, and have sponsored a few private events.

Finally, how do you take your coffee? 

We both take our coffee black, medium roast, b

ut occasionally treat ourselves to a cappuccino and an iced coffee during the summer.

When you have your coffee black you are able to taste the undertones and unique flavours of that specific origin of coffee.  All coffee from around the globe have distinct flavours that complement the milk that is added to them when a specialty beverage is made.   But when you learn to find those distinct flavours in black coffee, that’s when tasting coffee gets interesting.