Smart Services

for everyday life

Competitive prices on high-speed internet, wireless,

security & automation + more.

Reduce Your Costs

Strobe Creative has partnered with national strategic partners to provide lower prices on Wireless, High-Speed Internet, Security & Automation, and Home Phone.



Security & Automation

Simple and affordable security and automation for home & business.

Home Phone

Unlimited calling to North America and/plus 80+ Countries worldwide.


New smartphones for $0 upfront. 

Unlimited Canada wide calling and endless data starting at $75/month.

High-Speed Internet

Unlimited usage with download speeds

up to 150mbps.

Free Internet?

When you refer 5 of your friends to subscribe to an Internet plan, you can receive your services for absolutely no cost! Another way Strobe Smart Services helps you save. 

Expense Audit

Saving on high-speed internet is just one example of how Strobe Creative can help you save on the services that you already are using.

Talk with the Strobe team to explore new methods to reduce business and residential expenses with exclusive deals from our partners. 

Schedule a consultation to have a free no-obligation expense audit on the select services Strobe Creative offers. 

Lower bills are possible. Find out if Strobe can help you save!
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