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What is Strobe Creative?

After years of freelancing, Garrett noticed that there was a significant gap in the market where creativity didn't always equal business improvement. Anyone can build a great-looking website but creating a dynamic website that works for your business to increase efficiency and grow revenues is less common. At Strobe Creative, we combine our nearly decade of website design experience with our business insight to create a website that will become an asset for your business. 


In 2017, Garrett Gaudet founded Strobe Creative as a Creative Agency that provided Website Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Graphic Design services for entrepreneurs/small businesses in Southwestern Ontario.

As our agency evolved, we have transitioned away from social media to focus solely on Website Design services. We work with clients around the world to provide Website Design & Website Maintenance to their businesses, non-profit organizations and teams. 


Whether you are just getting started or looking to overhaul your current website, we are up for the challenge to create something memorable for your business/brand. 

Garrett Gaudet Strobe Creative

Garrett Gaudet

Creative Director - Website Designer

After completing an internship with Microsoft's social media team, Garrett began freelancing in digital marketing offering website design and social media services. Working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to establish an online presence. 

In 2017, he founded Strobe Creative to serve as a platform to generate digital marketing strategies and build websites for a global client base. As Strobe's Creative Director, he consults directly with businesses, organizations and brands to develop new websites and marketing strategies.​ During his career, he has worked to successfully execute digital marketing campaigns and design more than 100 websites for government organizations, businesses, content creators, musicians and sports teams.

As a podcaster, Garrett has amassed over half a million downloads & reached #1 on Apple Podcasts Music Commentary charts for his podcast EDM Weekly.

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