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Bullying Ends Here



Canada's Largest Anti-Bullying Non-Profit

For the past four years, Strobe Creative has proudly supported Calgary-based Bullying Ends Here (BEH) with website design & website maintenance. During the Summer of 2019, Strobe migrated the original BEH website from WordPress to our preferred platform in Wix. The migration succeeded in adding more functionality to connect with their client and increased visibility with a new search engine optimization strategy. As the charity grew, the organization's website needed to scale to match the users' demands and the non-profit's mission. The Bullying Ends Here website received a major overhaul in July 2021 to refresh the design while improving the resources for the forecasted international growth.


Build a website appealing to Gen Z & Gen Alpha that contains life-saving resources for Canadian youth experiencing bullying at school or online. Create an online platform for teachers, educators and staff to rent the virtual Bullying Ends Here presentations for school assemblies to adapt to distance learning. 

BEH 2021 Mock Up.png
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