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we've created a t-shirt made in woodstock | strobe creative

Before Strobe Creative, the Strobe name lived on the label of a t-shirt. Strobe Clothing released its first edition of the iconic tee during the summer of 2017. The iconic tee launched a clothing company that aspires to make a positive impact in an industry that is known for unethical practices and irresponsible actions that contribute towards climate change.

Today is the first time since 2017 that Strobe Clothing will be releasing a brand new iconic tee. We are very excited to introduce the iconic tee - cement grey edition.

Here's what you need to know about the new release.

iconic tee - cement grey edition

-The iconic tee is made from a blend of Canadian sourced materials to create a soft and comfortable feeling t-shirt. With the use of premium materials, the tee is a little thicker than your average t-shirt and can be worn in dressed up or down. The iconic tee design is inspired by European streetwear with a few distinct features. The iconic tee is a loose fit t-shirt with cuffed rolled sleeves and an elongated curved bottom.

iconic tee editions are a limited release and made to order. Please allow two weeks for each tee to be handmade in our Woodstock sewing studio.

about strobe clothing

Handmade in Woodstock

  • All shirts are handmade in our Woodstock, Ontario sewing studio, where each product is made to order (just for you). Strobe believes in supporting Canadian jobs and paying a living wage to our valuable production team.

Canadian Sourced Materials

  • We've partnered with Canadian textile suppliers to source only high-quality Canadian fabric to produce strobe clothing shirts.

Made to Order

  • The mass production of clothing produces unnecessary waste and harm to the environment. The Made to Order business model reduces our carbon footprint and minimizes our environmental impact.

With the ongoing pandemic, we believe that it is important (more than ever) to support small businesses, local businesses and provide jobs to our community that has helped us thrive over the years. We hope you enjoy the iconic tee!

Use promo code "woodstock" for 10% of your purchase. Free Curbside PickUp in Woodstock!

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