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A Google Ads Agency Is Worth It: Here's Why

Are you trying to decide between managing your ads or having an agency do it? Let us give you some reasons why a Google Ads agency can take your advertising budget further.

A computer showing an image of the Google Ads dashboard
Managing a Google Ads account can be a time-consuming task that most business owners will want to avoid!

Many people might make Google Ads management look easier than it actually is. In fact, some of the advice out there might make your workload easier but at the expense of profitability and performance.

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why an agency can provide you with more insightful reporting and performance than what you can get working on your own. If you are interested, you can also check our advertising services to get your brand on Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Reason #1: Analytics Can Be Daunting

The real magic of digital advertising- Google Ads included- is that you can track the results each of your campaigns is creating with a level of detail unthinkable for offline media. However, to reap the benefits of data, you will need to do a lot of work beforehand.

If you are not comfortable modifying the source code of your website, setting up Google Analytics and the conversion tags for your ads can be confusing. Additionally, depending on what you sell and the goal of your ads (sales vs lead, for example), you might want to set micro-conversions, calculate your conversion values, and much more- all this takes an effort!

A graph chart shows the performance of a Google Ads Campaign
These Google Ads graphics are telling a story, but can you read it?

Reason #2: Do You Understand Your Data?

CTR, CPC, Search Impression Share, and 60 more metrics. Do you know what they mean? I am not saying you should never learn about these metrics- in fact, you should-, but learning about data takes away time you could use in other areas of your business.

When working with a partner like us to manage your ads, we can report to you the data that is useful for your business and explain to you the story behind the numbers. Moreover, we have the expertise to use these metrics as a diagnostic tool to identify areas of improvement and keep running your ads efficiently.

A US one dollar bill seats on a white table with some coins on top of it
The costs of an employee are not minor, but an agency can bring savings!

Reason #3: Might cost you less than an employee

According to labour market data from, a PPC Specialist in Canada earns an annual income of $56,194/year- or $4,683/month.

With agencies usually charging about 10% of the monthly ad budget for advertising fees, you would need to spend close to $47,000 per month to justify hiring your own ad specialist! Even once you are past that point, the other benefits of hiring an agency will greatly offset those of hiring a new employee.

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Reason #4: Past Experience Is An Advantage

Agencies have past and current campaign performance data we can leverage to better predict performance and cost. This gives us an advantage over you, as we can estimate with higher accuracy what you will need to spend to achieve your desired results and cut back experimentation costs to some degree.

Additionally, our agency has created a set of best practices and procedures that allow us to keep consistent quality and replicate past success. We have a repertoire of tactics that we can implement on behalf of your business as we chase together campaign success and profitability.

A pencil and notebook are placed in front of a computer as someone prepares to write content.
Copywriting is fundamental for Google Ads. An agency can take over and make your life easier!

Reason #5: Writing Copy Can Be a Lot

Copywriting is much harder than simply writing. Keeping your text concise, engaging, and interesting enough to get your client to buy can be a very interesting, time-consuming challenge.

On top of that, consider the technical specifications each type of ad has (display vs search vs shopping), and you will quickly realize that sticking to 30 or fewer characters can be more frustrating than you expected! Save your energy for something else and hire an expert agency instead.

Two people do a high five
When you hire us, this will be us! A great agency will always try to reach top performance for their clients.

Reason #6: Good Agencies Want to Keep You

Last but not least, good agencies will work themselves off to keep their clients. It is you, our clients, who allow us to pay for our employees and other business expenses. And to be honest, if the client-agency relationship is like a marriage in the land of marketing, wouldn't you expect your partner to constantly have your best interest at heart?

For a great agency, efficient and effective campaigns mean higher customer satisfaction, which in turn means you will stick around with us longer because we have earned it! Sounds cliché, but your success is ours.

It is Time to Reach Your Business Goals!

You have a vision for your business in mind and knowledge of what you do like nobody else. Now add in the mix our business expertise and creative drive and we can create together a winning formula!

If you are ready to take the leap or would like to ask some more questions about us or our services, feel free to fill out our contact form- It will be our absolute pleasure to reach out to you.

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About The Author

Camilo is a creative mind that is passionate about photography, videography, content creation, and digital advertising. He has experience in growing a YouTube audience from scratch, editing videos and photos, using camera equipment, and creating successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for a variety of clients.

About Strobe Creative

Strobe Creative is a Canadian digital marketing agency providing website, social media management and advertising services to businesses worldwide. We work collaboratively with ambitious businesses to develop paradigm-changing digital strategies.

Your business expertise + our creative drive: a winning formula.

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