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Here's Why You Need to Advertise Online In 2022

Digital advertising offers your business clear data tracking, amazing targeting and remarketing possibilities, unbeatable cost-effectiveness, and scalability.

If you are not advertising yet or your ads are underperforming, 2022 is the year for your company to start reaping its benefits!

A phone displays the app icons of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Instagram, Facebook, and Google have become the billboards of our era

This is probably not the first time you hear about the importance of digital advertising for your business, but after reading this article, you will have a clear, actionable understanding of why your business needs to advertise this year.

Before we start, a quick reminder. When looking for a transparent and knowledgeable partner for your Facebook, YouTube or Google advertising, make sure to check our professional advertising services.


Data Tracking

Gone are the days of advertising on the radio and having no idea of the results your *very* expensive campaign was generating- that is, if you have stopped relying solely on radio ads!

Thanks to the deep integration of social media and search companies in our lives, marketers can track with incredible detail how much revenue was generated from their marketing efforts online.

And this doesn't apply only to businesses selling online. For example, by using Google Ads' local campaigns solution, you can track how many store visits your ads caused using Google's machine learning and location tracking tools (you can learn more here).

Remarketing And Targeting

An image showing the targeting tools of available in Facebook Ads Manager
Tools like Facebook Ads Manager allow you to reach people with specific interests

One of the most powerful tools of digital ads is remarketing, which consists of reaching out to audiences that have previously interacted with your business- be it by visiting your website, engaging with your content on social media or clicking on an ad. If set up properly, remarketing allows you to move people from the awareness stage of your customer journey to a sale, ideally at decreasing costs and increasing rates.

To help you along the full customer journey, you can blend remarketing strategies with high-quality interest targeting. This will help your business to display your ads to people with potential intent and take the impact of every invested dollar much further.

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Reach, Scale & Cost-Effectiveness

There are 2.85 billion monthly users on Facebook, 1.07 billion users on Instagram and over 80% of searches are made in Google- very impressive! But do you know what is even more impressive? You can reach every single one of these Meta users and Google queries if you had the money to do it.

Compared to other mediums, digital channels can help your business reach more people for less money and provide you with the flexibility to scale your budget as your business grows and sales take off.

Your Competitors Are Already There

Google Ads are on display after a search for organic soap
Nothing is too niche! For a search about organic soap, 10 different brands had ads on Google.

As the image above shows, there are plenty of brands that have already jumped into the digital advertising train. In fact, there are so many businesses on Google that their advertising business represents 80% of their revenue.

Unfortunately for you, if your business is not among those businesses, every time someone logs into Facebook or searches for products or services similar to yours, you are giving up brand recognition and sales to your competitors!

The Internet Is Social


A great advantage of advertising on the internet over offline advertising is the social aspect of it. If your ad is captivating enough, users won't hesitate to share with friends on social media or send a link to your product over text to someone else.

If you and your agency are capable of capitalizing on this phenomenon, you can earn revenue without additional investments on your end. It will be your customers spreading the word for you but in a more massive way!

It is time to reach your business goals!

You have a vision for your business in mind and knowledge of what you do like nobody else. Now add in the mix our business expertise and creative drive and we can create together a winning formula!

If you are ready to take the leap or would like to ask some more questions about us or our services, feel free to fill out our contact form- it will be our absolute pleasure to reach out to you.

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About The Author

Camilo is a creative mind that is passionate about photography, videography, content creation and digital advertising. He has experience growing a YouTube audience from scratch, editing videos and photos, using camera equipment, and creating successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for a variety of clients.

About Strobe Creative

Strobe Creative is a Canadian digital marketing agency providing website, social media management and advertising services to businesses worldwide. We work collaboratively with ambitious businesses to develop paradigm-changing digital strategies.

Your business expertise + our creative drive: a winning formula.

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